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Vehicles from Tesla are technologically ahead of the competition by up to 6 years

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Although the Elon Musk group cannot yet boast of such sales as competitors, the article published in Nikkei Business Publications suggests that in other aspects it is far ahead of its rivals.

Toyota Motor or Volkswagen, each of them sells 10 million cars a year, while Tesla could boast a result of 367,500 last year. You can immediately see the gap dividing the company, but when you dismantle their cars to prime factors, it turns out that the company run by Elon Musk does not have to be ashamed, because its electronics are 6 years ahead of the competition's solutions. And we are talking about the cheapest car in its offer, whose prices start from 33 thousand dollars.

What distinguishes Tesla the most is the integrated central control unit or, if you like a complete autonomous driving computer, also known as Hardware 3. It is this showpiece of modern technology that is the company's greatest weapon in the rapidly growing importance of the electric car market. The module, released last spring, which can be found on all new Model 3, Model S and Model X car models, contains two specially prepared AI chips. Tesla developed them on its own, as did the software that complements its capabilities. The Model 3 system consists specifically of two motherboards, one with custom AI chips to control the autonomous driving abilities of the vehicles, and the other with the media control unit for the advanced car entertainment and information system. As we also learn from Nikkei xTech, there is a water-cooled radiator between them.

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This type of electronic platform, with a powerful computer as the core, is the key to managing huge amounts of data in the demanding autonomous car industry of tomorrow. And, as market experts say, its capabilities go far beyond today's needs and achievements of other concerns, and to put it simply Tesla is ahead of the competition in this respect by six years! What is interesting, however, is not that Volkswagen or Toyota do not have similar capabilities, but rather the fact that they do not want to create a similar unit, because it can have serious consequences for the entire industry.

According to engineers, such a comprehensive system can bring an end to the supply chains we know today, which companies have cultivated for decades, because it significantly reduces the number of systems necessary in the car. In short, for manufacturers of some components and their employees it is a matter of life and death, which is why the largest car companies are continuing their current policy, while blocking their innovation capabilities. Young companies, like Tesla, are not so tied up with dependencies and can afford to chase the latest technologies - in fact, they are largely responsible for their components, which can be seen in the Model 3 parts.

Of course, this has certain consequences for car concerns with traditions, because Tesla by equipping cars with its modules can quickly modify them or update systems literally on the fly, so at the same time it develops and provides its clients with the best currently available functionalities. And as Elon Musk assures, although now his vehicles are classified as partially autonomous, when they are ready to switch to total autonomy, they all have appropriate components, both in hardware and software. Market giants with traditions do not have such opportunities and it seems that if they do not stop looking back, the gap between them and Tesla will only widen.

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