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Walmart parking lots turn into open-air cinema!

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Editor : Said Murat
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Walmart, one of America's largest hypermarket giants, turns 160 Walmart parking lots into open-air cinema due to the pandemic.

While the whole world is struggling with the coronavirus outbreak, the situation in the United States is not heartwarming at all. In fact, it is one of the countries that experience the pandemic most troubled. Walmart has found a great solution for movie theaters. It designs its parking lots as an environment where people can come and watch movies and spend time with the family.

The scenes, which will open in early August and remain open until October, are known by the name of Walmart Drive-In and have become another good event door for Americans.

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Obviously, the movie sector has been affected a lot during the pandemic. They have struggled financially. Especially, in the United States, there is a worse scenario that many Hollywood movies had to be postponed during the production stage. 

AMC and Regal might be trying to reopen their chains and then they should be making money again. However, it is not that easy. Hopefully all the sectors will be back to their business very soon, very very soon. 

It is a very wise idea to turn 160 parking lots into open-air cinema and then maybe thousands of people will visit the store before or after the movie. We can say that marketing and head brains of Walmart work a lot to survive during the pandemic. Drive-in theaters are very popular nowadays due to their contact-free nature. 

Similar projects have been seen in some of European countries as well. However, Walmart is one of the largest chains to decide such a project for its customers and Americans. 

Although it is not yet announced whether the audience will pay the fee, we interpret it as a well thought-out project as a project that can be spent with the family or friends even if the fee is paid.