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Walmart is booming with the testing of fully autonomous vans

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Editor : Said Murat

The company's customers from Houston will be able to take advantage of the new form of delivery for their purchases, namely autonomous Nuro R1 cars, which will soon come out in large quantities on the streets of the city.

Walmart intends to experiment with the autonomous delivery of large-scale daily shopping, which is why a pilot program is starting in Houston in which autonomous Nuro R1 vehicles will participate. These will deliver purchased food to customers who declare their willingness to participate in the campaign - admittedly the company does not specify here how to make this record, but delivery trucks will go to the streets in the coming weeks.

The tests are intended to help both companies develop and refine their services, mainly in terms of the best possible final experience for customers receiving purchases. Earlier, the Kroger network decided to use such vehicles Nuro, which first collected orders via a mobile application, and then the crew manually packed all errands into R1 before it set off on its way to customers. It can be assumed that this time it will be similar, although in the future large networks like Walmart will probably want to automate the whole process.

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Either way, it's still a long way to this stage, so for now there's nothing to dream that supermarkets will save us the time needed to reach them and make purchases on our own. Especially that autonomous vans have a lot of obstacles to overcome, such as adverse weather conditions, urban buildings or speed limits. It's nice, however, to look at how our daily shopping might look in the future, without having to waste time traveling, queuing or carrying heavy bags.

All the shopping malls will find some solutions to invest on autonomous delivery. Amazon also is one of the leaders of this sector with its autonomous delivery with drones. Time tells us more about the humanless daily life which is coming very fast. 

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