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Where is the Roadster today? Is it still traveling around the sun?

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Editor : Said Murat
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Two years have passed since the first launch of the Falcon Heavy rocket and the launch into space of the Roadster with Starman on board. So we checked where the first space car is now.

It turns out that Starman and his first generation Red Roadster are doing quite well. From the data published by WhereIsRoadster.com, we find out that the car has "driven" over 1.6 billion kilometers and is currently in its second orbit around the Sun. In the sky we have no chance to spot him, even with powerful telescopes, but imagine that Starman has a view of the invisible side of our planet's surface of the day star.

There are currently 35 million kilometers of roads on our planet. Roadster would have driven them all over 45 times. All thanks to the speed at which it moves. At the moment, it is almost 10,000 kilometers per hour relative to the Earth.

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Many space enthusiasts wonder if the car will ever get very close to Earth on its journey through the solar system. So researchers from the University of Toronto decided to see if this was real. The advanced simulations they carried out showed that this would happen as soon as possible, and quite soon.

In 29 years the sports car will be quite close to our planet (for space conditions), and in 2091 close enough that you will be able to see it from the Blue Planet using ordinary telescopes. Perhaps future SpaceX employees will try to catch him and download him to Earth ?! We can be sure of one thing - the Roadster will never hit Mars or the Sun.

Elon Musk says that it is in some sense a hibernation chamber for terrestrial bacteria that went with him on a journey through space. After all, they are also a backup of earthly life. 

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