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Adam Savage is testing SpotMini robo-dog

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Editor : Said Murat

The most advanced robo-animal in the world is now available for sale to anyone interested.

The largest concerns are interested in it, among them Amazon and UPS, as well as the police and emergency services.

The robot weighs 30 kilograms, can carry loads up to 14 kilograms and work at temperatures from minus 20 to plus 40 degrees Celsius. There are two versions of the robot, where one of them has a special robotic arm, which can perform more complicated tasks. Meanwhile, the batteries installed on the machine allow it to work for 1.5 hours.

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Adam Savage, an American engineer known from the Mythbusters program, received one of the most advanced SpotaMini prototypes for testing. The device has been equipped with a set of cameras, and its operation is supervised by artificial intelligence algorithms. Boston Dynamics has recently published a Spot Software Development Kit (SDK), thanks to which customers can fully customize all machine parameters to their needs.

The engineer did not caress with SpotemMini. On the footage you can see that he gave him a good impression on a special test track. Robo-dog bravely endured all challenges, but several times he lost his balance and knocked down or blocked.

In fact, the development of this type of robot is in its infancy. The goal for them will be to help victims after various disasters, and this is not an easy matter for trained people and animals, let alone robots.

The film is proof that this type of machine already has a lot of possibilities that can be used in a practical way in difficult terrain, and the best is just ahead of us and them. Interestingly, SpotMini is not the only robo dog that you can buy for your own needs. For example, robots from China, which have similar capabilities and are offered for more reasonable money, are his big competitors.

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