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American store chains are launching tests of autonomous delivery vehicles

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Editor : Said Murat
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The future is today! Trips to hypermarkets are slowly becoming a thing of the past. All the products we need can be ordered online, and they will be delivered to us by an autonomous robot on wheels.

You wonder what the work is for, if there are couriers. This is true, but every year more and more people order products over the network, which makes couriers unable to process orders quickly, and thus becomes a bottleneck in the entire supply chain.

This sad reality will change all kinds of robots. Each of them will carry out an individual order, and thus we will have the guarantee that our purchases will reach us as soon as possible. This is important because we save time and money with it. In the US, the largest store chains are already testing such benefits.

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One of them is Walmart, Kroger or Domino's. The companies have begun testing fully autonomous small vehicles called Nuro R1 in several cities. Residents can already order various products in the chain of stores through a global network, and small robots on wheels deliver them directly to the house. Nuro informs that the tests are going well, so we can expect that the service of delivering products from the chain of stores or restaurants will soon start in full swing for all customers.

As it is obvious, autonomous delivery vehicles are another success in investing in the development of artificial intelligence technology. It should be emphasized here that the great support of the US government is considerable here, which is trying to quickly change the applicable law, so that such novelties that make life easier for the society and generate savings, can be freely disseminated.

Robots will become one of the best options in many sectors. Time will tell us more in the near future. 

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