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Charging in 9 minutes and up to 300km/h in 9 seconds?

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A British automotive company engaged in the production of sports and racing cars, decided that its latest supercars will be not only fully electric, but also incredibly powerful.

Evija is the first car of the company that can boast a fully electric drive, which means in this case 1973 horsepower. According to the group, it is a completely new beginning which is to restore the Lotus brand to its rightful place in the hearts and minds of sports car fans. And all in all it can work, because now you can see a new model and its design inspired by rock formations, just to fall in love with it.

Emotions, of course, cool a bit in the context of the price, which for the majority of mortals will be prohibitive, because it is 2.1 million USD, but we are talking about the hyperspoon. 

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Do not forget about the speed, because Lotus Evija accelerates to 100 km in less than 3 seconds, and maximum can reach 321 km/h. It is true that Tesla announces that its new Roadster reaches a hundred in 1.9 seconds, and its maximum speed is 400 km/h, but we will see once they reach into the market.

As for the interior, you can feel the spirit of sports cars from the fifties of the last century with a characteristic dashboard that can be admired from the outside of the car. What's more, it is supposed to represent the approach typical for Lotus, which means not only to look great, but also to perform many other useful functions. So, it is modern and stylish, and the materials used look really expensive, adding the vehicle prestige. A moment of attention is also a F1-like steering wheel, which is finished with a luxury Alcantara (although you can also opt for a leather variant) and allows you to switch between 5 driving modes - Range, City, Tour, Sport and Track.

Right behind the wheel there is a digital display, which displays only the most important information about the vehicle - the manufacturer intentionally did not overload it with data, so as not to distract the driver unnecessarily. More options can be found on the central console, equipped with touch buttons. However, these are only trifles, because many people wonder how much to load such a vehicle, because we are talking about an electric supercar - and here is the surprise: the car uses an 800 kW charger, which reaches 100% charge in just 9 minutes. Only and only 9 minutes.

Of course, these chargers are not yet on the market, but when we use the 350 kW available, we still get an impressive 18 minutes. And how often will we reach for them? Evija's range is 435 kilometers. It is also worth emphasizing that, as you can easily guess, the new Lotus is a luxury good, which is why the company plans to produce only 130 items. What's more, it will be the first Lotus premiere since the acquisition by the Chinese concern Geely, which also bought Volvo - the production of the first models will be launched in 2020.

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