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Erica, an intelligent android robot, to be acting in a Hollywood movie

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Editor : Said Murat

Humanoid robots can already surprise with their skills. Filmmakers see this and intend to replace actors in their Hollywood productions with them. This is just the beginning of the revolution.

Meet Erica, the latest child of the world-renowned scientist Hiroshi Ishiguro, who is working on the most advanced humanoid robots in the world with his team from the University of Osaka. An Android robot from the Land of the Blossoming Cherry looks phenomenal and impresses with quite realistic body movements.

Erika is powered by artificial intelligence technologies. He can join in the conversation and make him laugh, and show a full range of emotions. Hiroshi Ishiguro wants humanoid robots to replace us in most day-to-day activities that would be much easier for us than us. Sociologists have no doubt that such machines will appear more quickly in our homes and replace family members than we all think.

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Hollywood filmmakers think that a delicate robot doesn't have to be just an excellent companion for long chats. Erika has abilities no less than the famous robot named Sophia, who became an UN ambassador and even received Saudi Arabian citizenship. In Japan, this type of machine is very popular. The young generation is for the time being absorbed in a virtual world in which robots reign, but in the future the world of fiction mixes with the real, thanks to such inventions as Erika or Sophia.

Erica got a $70 million science-fiction engagement. The script looks great and is inspired by the amazing Ex-Machina. Well, the android will rise in a secret laboratory, where work will be carried out to create artificial DNA. However, the experiments will get out of hand and the creator will try to enable Erika to escape and live in our human world. Erica has a chance to become the most popular robot in human history.

We can expect to conquer not only the hearts of many sci-fi fans, but also enthusiasts of the latest technology who would like to see the reality in which people live with robots or even connect with them. If you haven't had the chance to play Detroit: Become Human, then we encourage you. There, the future of our civilization, related to intelligent humanoid robots, was presented in a very meaningful way.

Yes, in the future, we will read a lot of such news that robots will be acting in movies or helping us in daily life. Well, it’s not that far in the future, as we see that Erika is ready for her first movie. 

Additionally, I recommend you to watch the short video about Erica below: 

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