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Fedor is the first humanoid robot to take a space walk

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The Russian Space Agency has already successfully tested the first humanoid robot aboard the International Space Station and is now planning further missions with its participation. 

A robot named Fedor has recently returned from a 2-week space mission. During experiments in orbit, Russian astronauts checked how this complex machine behaves under microgravity in a cosmic house. Although the robot can operate in autonomous mode, scientists were more interested in using it as an astronaut avatar.

The Russians plan to carry out an unusual mission with the help of Fedor. It is to be the first space walk of a humanoid robot in history. Most likely, the Skybot F-850 will be remotely controlled by an astronaut to perform its tasks more precisely, but despite this fact, it will undoubtedly be a breakthrough in our space exploration. I wonder if such a space walk will take place before the first trip into space for two astronauts.

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In the future, all space agencies want to have entire branches of well-trained and intelligent robots that will help astronauts and future colonizers perform the most breakneck tasks, not only in Earth orbit, but also on the surface of the Moon, Mars and asteroids. Extreme conditions prevailing in these objects will be a hit for people, while for robots nothing will be a threat.

The armies of the major powers also have similar plans. Their goal is to build the first robo-soldiers who will protect space installations from enemies. Everything indicates that the first such robotic killer troops will have the United States, and later China, Russia and France. Let us remind you that NASA is also successfully testing its robot called Valkyrie.

Russia made its strong step to space with Fedor. But they are not alone as we mentioned above. Space wars will start soon, and super power countries are working hard on the robots which are going to take us to other planets. 

Well, we will all see it in the future. Maybe our kids will be able to discuss it with more details some time. We don’t know if ‘the future’ comes very fast. However, by 2020, much more robots will try to move on the space and get data to the earth.  

Some countries are quite silent in this matter. Mostly super power countries work hard on robo-soldiers and other robots which are going to help us to discover the space, or fight for their nationalities. Even creating a lab team to build a robot may take millions of dollars. That’s not that easy. But we are sure that some day having a robot at home will not be that hard. You should believe in it. 

Kids must start learning robotics at school. There are many schools in the US that you can find robotics classes. This must be a worldwide project which every single country may join and teach their kids how to code and make robots for our future dream. There are some international competitions even, where we can enroll and see the other countries’ projects. Early age is a very important point for learning how to code and build robots. It’s obvious.

Fedor is one of the great samples of this futuristic dream. Others are on the way, and we are there to share them all with you.

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