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Flying taxis came to Germany!

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Just a few years ago, nobody believed in the success of this type of transport, and in the meantime it is beginning to make a real sensation all over the world, although it is still only in the testing phase. Metropolises see potential in it.

One of the dozens of companies that are working on their visions of flying taxis is Volocopter. The company has just carried out fully successful tests of its latest embodiment of the invention over one of the German cities. The machine took off from the airport located near the Mercedes headquarters. Engineers tested all machine systems. That sounds amazing.

Volocopter 2X is a two-seater flying ship that can fly not only in a traditional way, but also fully autonomous. At the moment, it has a range of 26 kilometers and can travel at 100 km/h. Yes, they must work hard on the range of speed and kilometer limit. 

Boeing carried out the first flight of his sky-high taxi called the NeXtBoeing carried out the first flight of his sky-high taxi called the NeXt

Interestingly, the Volocopter 2X became the first vehicle of this type in the world last month, which made a successful flight directly from the board of an international airport to one of the business centers. These are the routes he will cover most often in the future. You will be able to fly to another business center from yours. 

Volocopter is strongly supported by Daimler engineers. Together they want to create a small, and ultimately a large version of a flying taxi. It is to be the most economical and safe vehicle in the world. Although the competition in this field is high, the Germans believe in their success, after all they have extensive experience in the construction of various types of vehicles.

Within 5 years, the German government intends to introduce this type of transport of the future to most cities there. With its help, transport from airports to business centers is to be improved. It's no secret that flying taxis are not and will not be intended for ordinary bread eaters, but for VIPs who must quickly move around cities and countries, and this type of vehicle will provide them with it.

Around 20 years ago we heard that flying cars will be ready by 2010. We are coming to say welcome to the year of 2020, and still we are not ready for this technology. Hopefully futurism will come true one day and at least some people will start flying instead of moving in the traffic in the metropolitan cities. 

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