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Renault Seriously Thinks About Autonomous Robo-taxi Tests in Warsaw

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The French company is already testing autonomous technologies in its vehicles on the streets of the largest Polish cities. But he will not stop at this. The Renault authorities are seriously considering such tests also in Warsaw, the capital of Poland.

The latest prototype called EZ-GO, which appeared in the capital of Poland, is the forerunner of the future that will not change the world of motorization and travel. Presentation of this futuristic vehicle met with great interest. On board this interesting machine you will not find steering wheel, pedals and mirrors. The vehicle is driven fully alone. Its passengers can only sit in comfortable seats, take care of their matters and enjoy safe driving.

Renault recognizes the rapid development of various future technologies in Poland. The market is becoming more and more open to new solutions in the field of travel every year. Autonomous vehicles are one of them, because they offer everything what modern people need and expect, wanting to move quickly not only around cities, but also around the world.

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Car concerns want to work together with the Polish authorities to develop appropriate regulations regulating the possibility of testing such technologies in the country. It is not a secret that Poland lags behind in this respect from a large part of Europe and the whole world. However, this will change in 2-3 years, at least as the government promises. For now, getting permission to test fully autonomous vehicles is a pass through torment.

Interestingly, Renault also wants to implement in Poland its innovative idea of ​​using electric vehicles to stabilize the national power grid. This is V2G technology (vehicle-to-grid), which offers the ability to download and give away energy, taking into account the current needs of the energy system. Such an energetic ecosystem allows for making huge savings with care for the natural environment.

In three years, the French corporation will have in its range of cars up to 8 fully electric models and 15 using autonomous functions, for the time being on the third level of autonomy.

We write a lot about autonomous vehicles nowadays. Hopefully the time will come up and we will be able to see and even use them on our roads.

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