France will assemble weapons and lasers on its space installations - News -

France will assemble weapons and lasers on its space installations

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Could the French army know about some new threats that are unknown to us, hence a new idea regarding satellites? Or maybe on the contrary, they want to demonstrate their own strength themselves?

We can say that in recent years, lasers have grown in strength - the Chinese want to destroy their space debris with their help, and Facebook support satellite communication. Now the French are also adding their pennies, but they are going to military application and as we just find out, they want to equip them with their satellites, and all for defensive purposes. As the French side of Le Point reports, the country wants to allocate 700 million euros for the Space Force project from its military budget.

This money will be used to fund defense systems installed on satellites, and we're talking about lasers, machine guns and other defensive technology. And although all this equipment is offensive, the French ensure that their only purpose is to protect and secure their country - they want to respond to possible hostile attacks and attempts to sabotage their satellites.

The Japanese want to destroy space debris using a plasma gunThe Japanese want to destroy space debris using a plasma gun

What's more, we are not talking about a distant future, because if everything goes as planned, the entire project can be completed in just over a decade. The French Defense Minister, Florence Parly, even cites situations in which such systems will apply: - If our satellites are threatened, we will consider "blinding" these hostiles to defend their own. This may involve the use of lasers deployed on our satellites or our patrolling nanosatellites.

In addition to the aforementioned 700 million euros, France expects to spend an additional 4.3 billion euros on space defense systems by 2025 - does this mean a new military trend? It looks like it, because the United States has similar plans, although in this case we did not get to know any details. It is only known that they invest a lot in this matter and want in the near future, last year it was said about 2020, establish their own cosmic armed forces, being part of the United States Armed Forces.

France will have an air-space armyFrance will have an air-space army