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The American army intends to better ensure the great hearing of its dog helpers

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Military dogs are extremely valuable helpers, whose hearing can be irreplaceable in many different actions, but unfortunately this is associated with a problem - loud sounds are problematic for sensitive ears, so it was decided to do something about it.

Military dogs have become an important element of the American army and conduct many important activities there - from as traditional as defending their guardians, to accompanying them during extremely difficult and dangerous field missions. It is there that they are often exposed to loud sounds, such as helicopters, explosions or shots, which are acceptable to humans, but for dogs are unbearable and can permanently damage the animal's hearing. That is why the army decided to take care of their sensitive ears, which is to be protected by a new technology called CAPS.

Most often, specially adapted methods used in humans were involved, but it was difficult to put on the ears of dogs. With the Canine Auditory Protection System, i.e. the mentioned CAPS, there will be no such problems, because we are talking about a flexible system worn on the dog's head like a hood. As we can read in the description of this solution: - The system about 2.5 cm thick is made of lightweight sound absorbing materials that closely adhere to the dog's head and protect the hearing by blocking unwanted signals.

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The whole is compatible with special dog goggles and allows animals to work in small rooms. And as the originators assure, this is a real breakthrough in terms of convenience and actual protection of the precious hearing of dog soldiers. Unfortunately, it is not yet known when the equipment will go to American units, but we hope that other countries will follow the same trail and all dogs on duty will be able to count on similar protection.

It cannot be denied that hearing loss in military dogs is just as common as in soldiers: - Dogs working in the army are exposed to the same fighting conditions as their guardians and are lucky to suffer from similar levels of hearing loss. In short, protecting canine hearing can significantly extend their professional activity and life, according to a representative of the US government agency for veterans.

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