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The Pentagon has officially confirmed the authenticity of three UFO records

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Editor : Said Murat
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Eventually, there was an unexpected breakthrough in the issue of recording, and then making public by the US army about incidents related to unidentified flying objects, i.e. UFOs.

The United States Navy admitted that there are three records of meetings of American pilots with puzzling objects on film materials are authentic and come from army-owned fighter jets, including F/A-18E. It is worth emphasizing here that the military have at their disposal records of much better quality, but for all the reasons known to them, they have kept them for themselves and we will never see them.

Unfortunately, although the videos have been published on a global network, Pentagon representatives and experts have no idea what we're dealing with. That is why the objects were referred to as UFOs, i.e. unidentified flying objects. This does not mean, however, that these are spaceships belonging to representatives of foreign civilizations.

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The Pentagon has committed that now each such incident will be individually analyzed by a special department. The experts are to conduct detailed investigations and, if these events are not related to national security, they will be made public.

Interestingly, representatives of the United States Air Force provided the senators and the president with all collected observation related materials. Apparently, President Donald Trump was not particularly interested in them, but senators want more information about them. They are concerned about the security of the country. In contrast, Trump does not believe in aliens and considers such incidents to be fairy tales.

Meanwhile, in fact, unidentified flying objects appear quite often. At least such reports are reported by pilots. The Pentagon does not hide the fact that the investigations are not conducted in the direction of the manifestation of the presence of foreign civilizations, but rather a threat from hostile states, namely Russia and China.

It is about the possibility for them to have advanced technology of flying vehicles that can travel at enormous speeds and maneuver in the air in a way that goes far beyond the limits of traditional aircraft.

So does the USAF believe that Russia and China have space ships, which they occasionally provoke to the USA to demonstrate their power? This is not known, but certainly the Pentagon is not afraid and does not prepare for conflict with foreign civilizations. From the disclosed data of the Blue Book Project it is clear that the first mass UFO manifestations began to take place just after the end of World War II.

If we look at them from the point of view of futuristic technologies developed by Nazi scientists who after the war continued their work, including in Russia and the US, we can realize what this is all about.

What about you? Do you believe in UFO? Are you interested in space ships? What about seeing them at night when you are walking to your house? Well, we are not sure but this is very possible. As we mentioned above, pilots see them often, and there are some video records on the internet which make us quite nervous. 

Super power countries may create their own UFOs to take data of other countries. They might be fast, speedy and invisible. Why not? Yes, this is the futurism. 

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