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The UK is investing $100 million in Bill Gates' breakthrough technology

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One of the richest people on the planet has invested millions of dollars in a company that has developed a technology for producing fuel from atmospheric carbon dioxide. It can be a real eco-revolution.

We are now learning that an additional $100 million will also be spent by the British government, which wants to use the idea of ​​Carbon Engineering to clean the atmosphere of carbon dioxide and maintain new restrictive emission standards. This case caused a lot of controversy in the government itself. Politicians divided into two camps, some think that it is money well invested, and others that it is thrown away.

However, eco-technology experts believe that it has potential. Despite the fact that there are several companies in the world that work on similar technologies, for the first time in history the Canadians from Carbon Engineering managed to make it so effective, scalable and profitable that it can be introduced on a massive scale.

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A ton of fuel obtained will cost from $95 to $230. According to data provided by company representatives, the technology is able to process over a million tonnes of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere per year. We're talking about a huge undertaking here.

How does it work? The concept is based on powerful fans. They capture air molecules and pass them through an aqueous solution that traps CO2. This solution is then heated and heat treated to initiate chemical reactions to re-extract carbon dioxide.

It is then used to produce chemicals needed for fuel formation or storage. Fuels derived from air include gasoline, diesel and jet fuel. We are dealing here with a technology that will not only improve air quality, but also effectively use CO2 in the production of ecological fuels.

"We can get energy from large solar or wind installations in all places where it is cheap and available, and then use it to recover and recycle carbon dioxide from the air into new fuel" said Professor David Keith, founder of Carbon Engineering.

The first fuel samples were made in laboratories. Engineers are now working on systems that can be used in practice. Mass production will start in two years. Such a huge injection of cash from Bill Gates and the UK government will positively accelerate work on the first system tests.

Bill Gates, who is involved in the development of Carbon Engineering technology, believes that it is the future, because thanks to it, humanity will be able to reduce its carbon footprint, reduce the concentration of greenhouse gases in the Earth's atmosphere and more effectively combat the progress of global warming.

Microsoft's co-founder added that this technology will ultimately reduce global emissions by up to 20 percent! The billionaire encourages, therefore, joining the project and using its potential before it is too late. Microsoft's co-founder also added that entrepreneurs should not only look at profits in terms of ecology. It's all about saving the planet. If we don't do it, then nobody will earn anything, because there will simply be nothing left.

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