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70 percent of Americans are afraid of autonomous cars

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Autonomous vehicles are the future of motoring. Thanks to them, the problem of traffic jams is to disappear, and trips are to be more comfortable and extremely safe. At least such a vision for the next decade has car companies.

Unfortunately, society is completely different. The latest research conducted by the American Automobile Association in the United States, in a country where tests of autonomous vehicles on city roads have been commonplace for several years, residents do not share the enthusiasm of car manufacturers. Research shows that 7 out of 10 people are worried about their safety during an autonomous journey because they do not trust such technologies, considering them unreliable.

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This fact is not surprising, because in the end everyone has to deal with electronic devices, such as computers or smartphones that can hang or turn off. It is not difficult to imagine a situation when a similar vehicle happens in an autonomous vehicle while driving at high speed. Information about frequently occurring dangerous accidents involving such vehicles also had its effect.

Research carried out by the American Automobile Association also shows a very important thing. In the last 3 years, people's concerns about traveling autonomous vehicles have increased quite significantly. And nothing indicates that it would change. In 2017, 63 percent of respondents were afraid of autonomous travel, and in 2018 it was already 73 percent.

The survey was conducted by landline and mobile phone from 10 to 13 January 2019 and included a total of 1008 interviews with adults of all ages. Researchers wanted to convey the social mood in people of all ages and approaches to the latest technologies. AAA believes that in the future, when autonomous cars will start to appear in sales and will be available as taxis, people will interact with them more often, and this will make them get used to them and eventually accept them and trust them in their everyday life life.

If you belong to people who have older cars without driving assistants and are afraid of autonomous technologies, because you prefer to rely on your skills, test new vehicles with such systems, see how they make life easier. The American Automobile Association also shares the same view, showing that people who have at least one such system are 68 percent more likely to trust these technologies than people who do not use them.

We still have little more time to see autonomous vehicles on our road. First, the electric cars will be acting in our life. Later, after all, autonomous cars will be coming to our door when we call for taxi. Hopefully they will be all safe, and people will trust them then.

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